Cozy: New Fibre Work Solo Exhibition at Ottawa's Atrium Gallery in October 2007 at Ottawa's Atrium Gallery. With these new sculptures and wall pieces, I explored surface as a means for detail, layers, hidden treasures, and as always, playing with colour. Much of my materials are reclaimed and recycled fabric, thread, string and wire. By using other people’s cast-offs and unwanted detritus, I am putting beauty back into the world that would have otherwise added to the land fill. I continue to use organic forms and revel in hippy, drippy plants, vegetation, trees, along with cheerful shapes that surprise and delight. I thrive on challenging myself to invent new methods of creating objects and organizing disorder into structured, bite-sized pieces of art.  image above: Flower Garden
 Flower Garden (detail)
 Red Pouffe
 Red Pouffe (detail)
 Cozy Brown (detail)
 Pink (on a windy day)
 Hanging Garden
 Yellow ( with flagella)
 Big Tree
 Big Tree (detail)
 Carruther's Couch (detail)
 Humid Day
 Exhibition at Atrium Gallery, October 2007
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