The Creature series is a portion of a larger body of work entitled Organs or Organisms. I have been researching amoebas, anoemes, flagellas, mitochondrias, and nuclei. This theme points to the current state of scientific progress: stem cell research, biological warfare, threats of pathogens, bacteria and viruses. These creatures were created for exhibition at Ottawa's Crichton Community Cultural Centre, April 4-May 31, 2008. For this exhibition, I created an installation of sculptural ‘air cleansers’. These small sculptures on-a-wire were suspended in the hallway. As a way to aid the air quality in the facility, the air creatures are at once beautiful and frightening, a reflection of the microscopic world existing beyond our five senses.
 Creatura Aledonia  (Calm Creature)
 Planto Pacis (Plant Peace)
 Positus Navitus (Postive Energy)
 Victus Vegetus (Living Fresh)
 Sero Praecipass (Plant Excellent)
  Exhibition at Crichton Community Cultural Centre, April 4-May 31, 2008 with Leanne L'Hirondelle, Alex Leblanc, Theo Pelmus, Tavi Weisz and curated by Alisdair MacRae        .
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