In October 2011, I worked as an Artist-In-Residence at the Banff Centre in Banff Alberta. I brought a whole lot of fabric and material and was very productive in the studio. The residency provided me the the time, space and support to merge my Text-ing project with my work on Organs and Organisms. The work produced in the residency became  Ligaments and Ligatures , exhibited in 2013. Residing at the Banff Centre was an amazing experience of art, mountains, artists, making, soirees, performances, staying up late, working hard, friends, eating, mountains, hiking, art art art...
12 Studio chaos.jpg
03 Studio view.jpg
04 Studio.jpg
13 Studio chaos.jpg
14 Silk Dyeing session.jpg
15 Silk Dyeing Samples.jpg
17 Photo shoot with Lungs.jpg
23 Soiree.jpg
26 Packing Up.jpg
27 all packed ready #2E3ACE.jpg
16 Mountains.jpg
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