Airborne Allergens/Allergens aéroportés, an exploration of inflatable sculpture, was exhibited at Centre d'exposition Art-image (Gatineau). I created a pollen cell, a virus cell and a mold cell. These microscopic cells were extrapolated into 7’-10’ sculptures, fabricated from tyvek and inflated with domestic air blowers. These three cell structures were selected for their spherical shape and their common irritation to the general population. These sculptures imbued a sense of danger, foreboding and allude to the possible, not-so-distant-future when pollens, viruses and molds are 8’ tall. Currently considered common allergens causing irritation, cough and congestion, the minutiae of these cells present a foreboding future that will inflict havoc on the pulmonary system. Airborne Allergens was an opportunity to consider the power of the air we breathe.   This project was support by a Mid-Career Visual Art Grant from the Ontario Arts Council   
12 Karina Bergmans Mold Cell (deflating).JPG
13 Karina Bergmans Mold and Viurs.JPG
14 Karina Bergmans Airborne Allergerns Installation view.JPG
15 Karina Bergmans Airborne Allergerns Installation view 2.JPG
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